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Link Tree

Please use this banners to link to our web site.  Copy and save to your files and link to url of http://www.theywhisperart.com

DUO SITE BANNER OF BOTH SITE ON ONE BANNER...  Just add one site or another...  THANKS...

Here is our beautiful NEW Banner by Medicine Man Creations.  Please copy the code and load it to your web site for the banner to show up then link it back to http://www.theywhisperart.com  Enjoy... We are!Photobucket

 <a href="http://s346.photobucket.com/albums/p409/smilingeyescin/?action=view&current=CindysBanner500.gif" target="_blank"><img src="http://i346.photobucket.com/albums/p409/smilingeyescin/CindysBanner500.gif" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Below you will find a list of our friends and links we feel are of importance in the art industry.  If you would like to be added to our web site you must keep a active link to our site on your web site as we will check to see if we are listed.  The people below have listed my site or made arrangements to do so on their next update.  We believe in Support those who Support You....


OUR NEW CUSTOM PHOTO AND ART GIFTS SITE where we will make your art or photo into a keepsake memento for you...

Artist Friends

http://n.webring.com/hub?ring=worldoffroudwebr FROUD WEBRING LINK


ONE OF MY FAVORITE ARTISTS the Fantasy Collection of Anne Stokes

Artist Faerie Leaders Brian and Wendy Froud

CLICK THE BANNER FOR FUN LINKS TO DIFFERENT ARTIST SITES or go to http://www.adviceforartists.com/ for Jessica Galbreth and Associate Artists for Art Advice!

Our Wonderful Special Friends at Kandide where Diana Zimmerman and Maxine Gadd capture all of us young at heart with the best book in decades for Fantasy in My OPINION...

Our Italian Friend Alessia Coppela

 Our Dearest Friends and Supporter David Riche and Wife Artist Myrea Pettit

 Our really cool Rainbow Jewel of the Forest Mrs. Linda Biggs. Read her Interview on PAJD Site.   What colors she brings...

Our New Friend Lisa Childers a wonderful Reike Healer in Texas...  Stop by to visit her....

Some of the most beautiful Fantasy Art out there is by the wonderful Maxine Gadd.  Please visit her site by clicking this banner.

My wonderful good friend Sue Miller.  See Sue and her Husband Vern's NEW BOOK Funtasy TM (the first book that my art will be displayed in)  I am very proud of her and my Bubbles and Butterflies in her book.  Please order from her site.  Thanks.

My very close friend that gives me painting tips the talented Judy Mastrangelo.  Read Judy's Interview on PAJD Site...  Get to know her.  She is so, so nice.

Judy Mastrangelo NEW GIFT SITE as of September 2009  CONGRATS Judy...

My very close long time friend Marcel LorAnnge and his unique style of Romatic Fantasy Art Paintings.  Please visit his site.

WONDERFUL colaborating artists site that is a delite to visit!

My friend that does the MOST AWESOME paintings of Light I have saw.  She is one of my favorites...  Read her Interview on PAJD Site...  Too Cool... 

OUR FRIENDS AT Medicine Man Graphics of Lou and Chez and Bodi in Australia. Thanks for the beautiful work you did with our art.

My long time friend and past website designer Julie Fain...  Thanks for the years of friendship Julie.


One of my most favorite artists that I look to for inspiration and style artist Josephine Wall

MY WONDERFUL FRIEND OF DR. PAT SAGER and Her Web Site of Josephine Wall Merchandise at Sunbeams Inititives, INC click below...


What a wondful lady Linda is and beautiful too.  Our UK Belle of the Ball Linda Ravenscroft and her really tuff art and things...  Tee Hee...  Nice site.

Our Fantasy Friends and Leaders of the Industry Boris and Julie.  Just look and you will see what I mean their art speaks around the world.

Now if you do not know our friend Jasmine and Hubby you are really missing a special couple.  Check out her new Mickey Mouse and Disney Deal...


Such pretty thinfrom Artist Kirstin Mills..Lillian is a wonderful artist in teh UK.  Please let's welcome her to our LINKS Page.

My wonderful talented friend from MySpace Kristina Layton...  You have to visit her.  She takes you to another place in time....

Our New MySpace Friend Rebecca Sinz with her lovely detailed images of the darker art magic.  She really protrays in depth as it takes you there...

The Beautiful Fantasy Art of our Friend Ann Gates Fiser...  Stop at her site to visit.  Great for Kids...

Our wonderful colored pencil friend of big girl fairies Katherine Barber...  Visit her site.  You will learn a lot

Our Canadian Friend Christiane Dore's wonderful Fine Art Paintings.  Stop by and get a print.  They are awesome and of great quality.

-- Support Links Categories

Information for Fairy Day and More Magic

Our friends at the Fairy Gathering...

 Our Girl Mystic that does MySpace Page Designs for People...  Contant her through this link and say Cindy

My wonderful friends David Riche Fairy Godfather and his wife Artist Myrea Pettit with the largest Fairy and Fantasy Information Web Site in the World.  You can find all you need to know here on art and fantasy artists with links to get there.

Our friends Yama and Kim at the Faerie Magazine...  Where you can find all the wonderful things in the Fairy Industry. 

 The wonderful web site and news of Natural Living with very awesome interviews on Artists with Owners Sumara Love and Her Husband...  Great Source for Natural and Art Achieves...

Art Industry Companies of Fantasy Artists every where...


Art Industry Supplies and Help




















DEPOSIT Male Exotic Shaded Persian Kitten
DEPOSIT Male Exotic Shaded Persian Kitten

Out of Stock

Fae Bot Fantasy World
Fae Bot Fantasy World

One of Kind Valentine
One of Kind Valentine

Winter Simpicity
Winter Simpicity

Dragon Lore (White Water Dragon of Clear Waters)
Dragon Lore (White Water Dragon of Clear Waters)