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News Leaf

We in 2012 are continuing to post most all of our news on Facebook.  We do not get on MySpace much but for all new things just friend us at our Cindy Thorrington Haggerty Facebook Page and Our Peaceful Art Jewelry/Design LLC Page there...  Hope you stop in and have a great year.  I will try to bring you the best art of all!!!


WE HAVE DISCONTINUED OUR NEWSLETTER COMPANY and ALL SALES AND NEWS are on our FACEBOOK PAGES...  Links on both home pages of both sites....

Please visit our Facebook, MySpace, WHAT'S NEW PAGE and click the link NEW ITEMS on our side bar to get you totally up to day...  THANKS SO MUCH... June 2010

Make sure to visit our Art Students Prints Section and support budding young children artists...  http://www.theywhisperart.com/catalog.php?category=46

New Interview on Cindy Thorrington Haggerty Art and Jewelry at http://brambleicewitch.ning.com/ for January 2010.  Thanks so much...

First of June our NEW MATTED PRINTS of 8x10 Prints Finished to 11x14 in Package ready for your FRAME!

Stop in our UPDATED 2010 Stargazer Artist Store for cool gifts by Cindy Thorrington Haggerty!

See the new ART GRAPHICS by Medicine Man Creations on the website.  They are compliments of them to on my selected art paintings of Prayer Fairy, Bubbles and Butterflies and Poison Moon Trumpet Brownie.  I am quite honored at their work to do on my paintings and they really did a great job.  Contact me and let me know what you think.

Coming Soon are the NEW Virtual Cards for your fun at sending greetings with my art on them from our friends at Virtual Cards of the United Kingdom.  I will get the link up to you soon as we get it.

Coming Soon the Tribute Painting to Artist Tom Cross who died of Non Smoking Lung Cancer on Dec. 27th, 2008.  I am doing the painting now for a upcoming gift to all as a Valentines Tom Cross Tribute called "Wizard of Love"  Watch the Little Artists World Button for it's Premiere in 2/3/09.

Upcoming Feature with Celestopea Times for the Art of Cindy Thorrington Haggerty coming Feb. or March 2009.  Watch for Link and check out Link Tree Page.

My past projects are paintings with one spirit in them, with one gemstone in them and one animal or bird, bug or what I call animal friend spirits in the painting.  What I am doing here is researching each painting to have a spirit that matched the gemstone meaning along with the animal for a Oracle Deck with Book. I will continue to do this series and work them in so watch the paintings buttons.   Also watch the Colored Pencil Buttons as I add colored pencil as I do them from my bed when my health is bad.  Also I have been starting to save sketches for a new category for teaching purposes. 

My next project that I am working on is Paintings of my Friends IN the Fairy World.  Doing Artists in what I see them in a Fantasy Enviroment that I call their realm.  I hope to capture something that they can see themselves in and also others in a dream of fantasy.  These paintings have already started and I hope to get at least 3 of them out before the first of the year here on Artists Little Worlds Button...  So keep an eye out...  Hopefully they can be made into little figurines for all to collect.

December 10th, 2008 I become the South Bend, IN Notre Dame Area SCORE Business Woman of the Year.  What a honor and I am very grateful to add this to my news.

See the Sales going on at www.peacefulartjewelrydesignllc.com since we are not fully complete at switching over all the art you will find tons of sales going on there.  Jewelry sales and our Red Hat Makeup Line is on Sale now through Christmas.  Maybe New Years...  So click the link above to go there too...  We are still working together to bring you lots of the best gifts for your holidays.

DEPOSIT Male Exotic Shaded Persian Kitten
DEPOSIT Male Exotic Shaded Persian Kitten

Out of Stock

Fae Bot Fantasy World
Fae Bot Fantasy World

One of Kind Valentine
One of Kind Valentine

Winter Simpicity
Winter Simpicity

Dragon Lore (White Water Dragon of Clear Waters)
Dragon Lore (White Water Dragon of Clear Waters)