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My Roots

May 2010

Cindy Thorrington Haggerty (She who Smiles with her Eyes)

 Cindy Thorrington Haggerty is a certified Jeweler/Designer/Artist. She has decades of art and design experience. She has been a very successful artist that creates art and then turns this fine art into jewelry. She has designed the jewelry line for the famous Easryrider Motorcycle Roadware Company and worked with many world wide artists at making art jewelry from their art. Cindy has been featured in other countries besides the USA and has been in magazines, catalogs and many news papers and web sites. She is a Disabled American Indian that creates Fantasy Art of her Indian Little People Fairy Spirits. She uses many different styles for her medium to use and create recycled art. This meaning she likes to use things that would otherwise be thrown away to add to her original painting to make it a one of kind piece. She also takes old retired art and makes into new art by mathematical and digitized methods called her Kaleidoscope/Mandela Art and Healing Orbs.  She is known for having deep hidden messages in her art. She loves to please people all over the world with what she creates.  Loves Motorcycle Art and Red Hat Art too.  Main Art is FANTASY. 

I am from Indiana, I am widowed & disabled with my perfect  Persian Black Cat, a Son in the Air Navy and I am  living with my Mother.  I went to college for Fine Art Major in Florida and received a degree in Extensive Diamond Setting and Jewelry Design in Illinois.   I own the company of Peaceful Art Jewelry/Design LLC www.peacefulartjewelrydesignllc.com .   My favorite colors are Black, Turquoise, Red and Purple.  I love anything that sparkles.   I love Native American Music, Blues, Fairy Music and New Age to work by.  I  am collector of high quality candles and aroma products.  My favorite thing to do is art and jewelry.  I really love motorcycles and love the roar of a good Harley, AMC, Big Dog and other Awesome Bike Engines.  I love doing art and especially designs for Bikers and Fairy and Fantasy People.  I also love to create and design for Red Hat Ladies.    I love the computer to communicate with people that I may not be able to otherwise.   I love PEACE and quiet of the night and early morning hours.  My childhood was spent traveling where I learned of my heritage some and lots of time in Disneyland of California that was a big influence on my art.
My art used by some of the leading companies to create products for the gift industry. You can view some of them at my web sites. Thank You so much for stopping and taking time to visit.
Here is my WORLD Other than Art and Jewelry
The Most Honest and Loving Woman I know.  My Mother...  First Easyrider Motorcycle Company Check for Jewelry Designs.
Something about a Man in Uniform and a Sharp Dress Man....  My Son David of Naval Air.
MY BFF of the Animal World and My Everday World.  Can not live without him... 
And my BFF and Moon Sister the Lady that solves all my problems on the web and continues to be my best friend all the way from Alabama to Indiana Dana (Mystic) and our cemetary sunrise...


Here you will see a map of American Indian Tribes of North America.  Cindy is providing you with this map as a special interest on her American Indian Family Roots.  The Map is a COPYRIGHT of JAYHAWK INTERNATIONAL OF PHOENIX, AZ in name of "Tribes of the Indian Nation"

A Heritage to be proud of. . . .

The blue stars are showing where Cindy's family has a connection to the tribal listings of locations and of where her family is from and living.

The top blue star is of the Kickapoo Nation that Cindy's Grandmother had papers on.  It is located in Minnesota.  After her grandmother passed the papers were found in her dresser drawers.  They are stamped with a seal and registered to a tribal number of the Kickapoo Nation.  What an honor it was for Cindy to get copies of these papers.  The originals are safe within the family.

In earlier years Cindy spoke with her cousin on her father's side about their lives of being American Indian.  He is of the Miami Nation where the 2nd blues star is in Indiana.  He spoke of his mother and she is of the Mongosa Family a previous chief of the Miami Nation.  His father and Cindy's father were brothers.  Since Cindy's father was killed when she was 8 years old she could not find out much but her cousin Bruce guided her to the Pow Wow's where later Cindy worked with her elder, Songs, to find out more of her family name on her fathers side.

The 3rd blue star is of the Cherokee Nation where Cindy and her elders did research on her heritage.  Her family name on that side for verification to research was Toothman and Chinawee(not sure of the spelling without the papers that are locked up).  She found out through the rolls that when the American Indian People would have to register they would take the names of other decedents to cover their real names, some as to not be exposed to removal.  They would change the letter in the Cherokee and add or change the "TH" to disguise a name.  SUCH AS Chenoweth now found as Chinowee in the rolls.  So both names were researched to find elders in both names of Toothman and Chinowee.  Both name a form of some Cherokee.  Still there are some other areas unknown due to some very strict secret family secrets that no one will allow out, which is very natural of American Indian Families.

The pink star is where Cindy's family moved early in her life to California.  Her grandparents would drive her across the country in the summers to their home there and stop at reservations along the way.  She learned young of the ways and still has her first American Indian Dress and Jacket from about age 6 or 7.  She remembers getting a pair of moccasins every time they went west.

Cindy also grew up with her Great Grandmother living next to her.  She learned of Indian planting and gardening.  Also after the passing of her grandmother Myers she inherited some old jewelry in boxes from where her grandmother made jewelry.  There was also special jar saying "belong to me do not use".  They were very, very old American Indian beads of light blue and white, made of glass.  Cindy still has these beads. They added to her medicine bag and her war club bag that is very special to her.

My Kickapoo Grandmother also spent countless hours making jewelry and lots of craft project for many people.  You can see where I get my art and jewelry with my Indian Flare....


DEPOSIT Male Exotic Shaded Persian Kitten
DEPOSIT Male Exotic Shaded Persian Kitten

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Fae Bot Fantasy World
Fae Bot Fantasy World

One of Kind Valentine
One of Kind Valentine

Winter Simpicity
Winter Simpicity

Dragon Lore (White Water Dragon of Clear Waters)
Dragon Lore (White Water Dragon of Clear Waters)